Monthly Management Fee
9% of rent collected
Tenant Procurement/Leasing Commission
We see the process through from Tenant Lead to Signed Lease by managing the listing, speaking with prospects, lead nuturing, reviewing apps, screening, scheduling, executing agreements and more! See our Leasing section below.
Lease Renewal Fee
We proactively begin our lease renewal process about 90 day before the lease expiration. We will take into account current market rate, quality of tenant, length of tenancy, and more. We never want to lose a good tenant over a rate increase so we encourge a balance of rental income with tenant retention. 70% of our residents renew their leases! This reduces the biggest expense you have as a landlord - turnover.
Start-up/Onboarding Fee
This adminstrative fee covers the behind the scenes work we do on our 65-point checklist to properly onboard a property.
$100 Single Family, $175 Multi Family
Easy Switch Guarantee
When you're ready to take back your sanity, all you have to do is let us know. We will manage the entire transfer process from your current property manager, with professionalism, respect and kindness.
Leasing Guarantee
If we place a tenant and they break their lease during their initial lease term, we will re-lease the property at no charge. (The only exception would be a federal military relocation.)
Vendor Guarantee
All vendors hired by SMPM will be licensed and insured for your protection.
Response Time Guarantee
We promise to reply to all communication within 24 business hours.
Professional Rental Price Analysis
We'll run the data to get you market value.
Extensive Vacancy Advertising
Your property will reach a large audience via 30+ listing websites to include the Zillow Network.
$30 + Zillow Fees @ $10/wk
Wide Angle Property Photos
We showcase the property with wide angle lens photos.
Video Tours
Most renters begin their search online, and our video tour is like having an open house 24/7. When you include video, you get 400% more inquires, according to
Online Booking System for Tenant Showings
Our showing system allows tenants to schedule at their convenience, minimizing your time on market.
Tenant Showings 7 Days a Week
Maximizing on tenant convenience and ease of scheduling is key to minimizing your vacancy time. Ask us how this system works.
11 Point Applicant Screening Process
During the Four Stages of our Application Process, we perform: A Pre-Qualification Check, Drivers License Review, Income Check, Employment Check, Credit Check, Eviction Check, Rental Verification Check, Sex Offender Check, Public Records, Criminal Records and Pet Screening.
Automated Income Verification
Fraudulent paystubs are stopped in their tracks at this stage. We use a 3rd party to collect income data by securely connecting to the applicant's bank account. It summarizes key metrics such as monthly & annual net income, balance summaries, and income sources.
Pet Screening
Professional 3rd party Pet Screening also includes Service & Emotional Support Animal Verification.
Lease Preparation
Our lease is reviewed regularly by our local Idaho Real Estate attorney for compliance, accuracy and protection.
Watermarked Listing Photos
Watermarking the listing photos deters scammers from stealing your listing.
Utility Coordination
We verify utilities are transferred into the tenants name prior to issuing keys to your new tenant.
Resident Welcome Gift
Start the relationship with your new tenant on the right foot with a move in day welcome gift. Because everyone loves free stuff!
$20 (optional)
Vacancy Checks
Your vacant property is visted at least once a week by our staff to visually check the property and verify doors/windows are secure, heat and utilities are on, pick up trash, etc.
Friendly, helpful, responsive staff
Our awesome staff is "Boise Nice" dedicated to serve our clients needs. We love what we do and it shows!
Lease Enforcement
We strictly enforce all lease provisions to protect our clients. When a resident is not in compliance, we have the proper forms ready to start the legal process. Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to serve notices? We do - and know the difference.
Security Deposit Collection
We require at least one months rent prior to receiving keys, to ensure funds are available for damages to the property.
Electronic Rent Collection
Modern residents expect easy online payment solutions. Because of this option, we consistently retain a 99-100% ontime payment rate.
Legal Compliance (Fair Housing/Landlord Tenant Law/ Ordinances)
It is critical to work with a company that is up to date on all local, state and federal laws. Don't let a bad property manager get you sued for their ignorance! Ask your current property manager if they are aware of the Boise City Application Fee Ordinance, Disparate Impact Act, ESA requirements, or the recent changes to the 3 Day Notice to test their knowledge.
HOA Compliance
Tenants are required to follow the CC&R's of the neighborhood and are responsible for any fees incurred. We will work with the HOA to enforce the rules are being met.
Resident Benefit Package
At no cost to you, your resident will receive furnace filter delivery, pest control and credit reporting for their on time rent payments.
All Calls Recorded
Every call is recorded and automatically attaches a historical audio record to the contact’s History/Notes. This provides clarity, and eliminates “he said/she said” situations.
Owner Handbook
All new property owners are supplied our exclusive ‘Property Owner’s Handbook’. This is a comprehensive ‘User-Manual’ on how we operate and covering all FAQ's, and what you can expect from our services.
Tenant Handbook
Your tenants will receive a Handbook, too! Chocked full of information on how to troubleshoot repairs, how to reach us, general information about their lease, and more, we set our residents up for success from day one. Education is key!
Onboarding Existing Tenants
If you already have a tenant in place, no problem! We can step in at any stage. We will honor and enforce the current lease in place.
Detailed Move In Condition Reports w/ Photos
We thoroughly document the condition of your property with our inspection app for the protection of you and your resident. Everything in each room is photographed.
Detailed Move Out Condition Report w/ Photos
Our premium inspection software allows us to do a side by side comparison of the Move In and Move Out condition reports to confirm what is new damage.
Property Drive By Every Other Month w/ Photo
Many companies say they do this, but can they prove it? We have years photos documenting the front exterior of our rentals.
Owner Portal
Convenient access to real time data. 24/7 access to review you account, run reports, make contributions.
Tenant Portal
Tenants can pay online, set up auto-payments, initiate credit reporting of their ontime payments, report maintenance issues, view and sign their lease agreements, and access their transaction history 24/7.
Tenant Collections
If a tenant has left owing a debt, we offer 30 days to satisfy the balance before turning the account over to our collection agency.
Eviction Prepartation and Filing
We file evictions swiftly on residents that are late and have not complied with their 3 Day Notice. Do not work with a company that takes months to file, you'll be out thousands of dollars.
$75/hr for court appearance
Annual Fair Housing Staff Training
Every April is Fair Housing Month and we keep brushed up on our skills by attending training events. Having staff that knows the laws reduces your risk of being sued for discrimation.
Monthly Detailed Accounting Statements
Each month you will receive an Owner Statement both to your email and your Owner Portal showing Income, Expense and your payout.
Direct Deposit of Owner Payments
Rents are paid directly to your bank account by the 13th of each month.
Year End Annual Cash Flow Statement
This is a summary of all your Year to Date transactions for the property your accountant will need for tax information. Your 1099 is sent each January electronically as well as uploaded to your portal.
Deposits Held in True Trust Accounts
Idaho does NOT require security deposits to be held in a Trust Account. We go above and beyond by using a true Trust Account to keep these funds safe. Anything less is just sloppy.
Security Deposit Disposition as Required by State Law
We know the legal requirements around closing out the tenant's security deposit, such as deadlines and signing the disposition. If its not done by the book, it could be thrown out in court. Don't risk working with someone that doesn't know the basics.
Squeeky Clean Books
We have a 3rd party bookkeeper reconcile our accounts DAILY. We are audit ready.
Maintenance & Repair Coordination/Oversite
When a tenant submits a repair request, we first attempt to troubleshoot by phone and ask questions. Those issues that require a tech will be dispatched to one of our licensed and insured vendors. We oversee the project through receiving the invoice.
24/7 Emergency After Hour Call Line
Our after-hours agents dispatch true emergency issues to our trusted vendors day or night.
Extereme Temperatures & Seasonal Information sent to Tenant
We proactively notify tenants ahead of extreme weather conditions and precautions they should take to protect the property.
Preventative Maintenance Walk Through
Twice annually, we contract with a licensed vendor to go through the property to make sure everything is in good repair.
Property Turnover
We coordinate with our trusted vendors to get your property back in rent ready condition in the shortest time possible.
Changing Keys Between Tenants
You'd be shocked if you knew how many property managers don't do this simple task.
Tenant Move Out Expectation Checklist
Outgoing tenants receive a Move Out Cleaning Checklist so they can strive to comply with our expectations.
Low Staff to Property Ratio
We have the staff and resources to handle the needs of your property.
Debt Free Company
Because we carry no company debt, we are able to reinvest in education and systems to keep our business at expert level. You'll have peace of mind knowing we are able to effectively manage our finances.
Locally Owned Firm
As local, property management specialists, we can offer insight to the community since we live and work here, too!
National Association of Residential Property Managers Memebership
We are proud members of NARPM and President Andrea Mayer, MPM, has earned the Master Property Manager, designation, which is an honor held by only 1% of property managers.