Resident Benefits Package

What does this mean for you as a resident to be apart of the “Resident Benefits Package”? More value & protection

  1. HVAC Filters: When renting a property, the resident is expected to maintain the filters while under contract. But it's hard to remember to purchase the filter at the store, as well as the sizes to buy. So SMPM will have the filters delivered straight to your door. You just have to switch out the filter upon receiving the new filter.
  2. Pest Control: SMPM has teamed up with a local pest control company to get you pest services. Simply call the number we provide you and they will come out to help with your everyday creepy crawlers, remove a flying insect nests and more. No need to even put in a work order, just deal directly with the exterminator.
  3. Texting Capabilities: SMPM has invested in software that will allow the resident to text into our office We realize that many residents prefer to text and not email, so we added this service to allow you to communicate with our office in your preferred way.
  4. Credit Reporting: Our residents can have their rent payments reported to all 3 credit bureaus and build their credit each month as they pay rent.  Sign up here:
  5. Renters Insurance: Protect yourself and others with a $20k personal content plus $100k liability policy